Monday, March 24, 2008

More College News

I have been accepted to the engineering school of the University of Colorado at Boulder (a little blue jewel in red Colorado, often called "The People's Republic of Boulder").

The Colorado School of Mines sent me financial aid confirmation this past weekend. I will receive $7,881 in grants, $1,500 in work-study, and $7,500 in subsidized federal loans. This leaves $5,000 outstanding on the estimated costs, should I choose to attend there.

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Rainier96 said...

Congratulations on both achievements! Since you're interested in engineering, either school would be great. I'd pick Boulder, for what may be better liberal arts opportunities. An engineering curriculum doesn't give you a lot of time for electives, but a good share of your education comes from people you hang out with. And especially ones whose career objectives are completely different from yours. But, man, that's a big financial package from Mines, and that's got to be tempting, too.

Nice to have choices like this, huh?