Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm done!!!!

Earlier today, I checked out of high school, and got my cap and gown for graduation next week.

As of several hours ago, I am no longer a high school student.

This means I'll be able to write more. Tomorrow, for instance: I've finally found something worth writing a review for, and I will do so; and I will post my thoughts on the state of the Democratic primary race I've been following so closely.


Rainier96 said...

Congratulations! Quite a landmark monent in life. Very best wishes for the future.

Speaking of which (the future), did you decide to attend CU -- the "blue jewel" surrounded by the sea of red? Or are you going to be an Oredigger in Golden? Or none of above?

Zachary Freier said...

I'm going to CU. I confirmed my intent to enroll, and got financial aid confirmation, and everything. :P

Rainier96 said...

Cool. That would have been my choice, too. But Mines sure offered you a nice financial package. I think you're going to really enjoy your next four years, at least once you get oriented and settled down in Boulder.