Monday, November 2, 2009

cathartic release

forever and a day
by zach freier

you walked with me
that night through the
empty city streets
under a sky blackened
by clouds.

neither of us knew
the way, but i didn't
care, because
as long as we were
together, i was where
i needed to be.

but every time i
looked at you, you
seemed fainter, your eyes
dimmer, your face
more transparent, and
i knew you were leaving.

i asked if you remembered
all the times you said
you'd always be
there for me,
forever and a day.

you turned to look
into my eyes one last
time, and told me that
i didn't need you,
that even if i
don't know my way,
i'll always walk
in the right direction.

i closed my eyes as
you said you'd always
love me, and when i opened
them, you were gone.

i am lost without you.


Rainier96 said...

As usual, I find your poetry disturbing. But in a good way. Very nice and very moving.

I hope you find time to do more.

Zachary Freier said...

Negative emotions are a necessary part of a complete life, and they're the easiest sort to write about well. I wrote this a month or two ago with no intent to share it with anyone (just as cathartic release).

Anonymous said...