Monday, November 23, 2009

Mission statement (work in progress), take 2

To remain actively engaged in life.

To look at the world with wonder, and embrace my natural desire to understand it more fully.

To embrace the full spectrum of my emotions, rather than running from the ones that make me uncomfortable.

To take full responsibility for my choices.

To try my best to understand others, fully realizing that everyone has hopes, fears, desires, and the other things which drive me.

To seek out kindred spirits, and to intensify life with and through mutual respect and understanding.

To maintain a true and independent identity by being true to myself above and before all else.

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Rainier96 said...

I like this a lot. I like the change you made to the paragraph on "emotions" -- that was the one section I was a little uneasy with before. I fully agree with it as now written.

And I like the additions.

To play with Sartre, writing is one form of action, and so I guess that simply by choosing to write this statement you've helped create your own essence.

It's a pretty cool essence, and has my complete approval.