Monday, April 30, 2007

notice me - a poem

Well, blogspot doesn't understand concrete structure. A few dozen spaces automatically renders as one, no matter what I do. So I've been forced to put my newest stab at poetry on my MySpace blog here. Check it out! If you access it from here and want to comment on it, just comment here.


Rainier96 said...

Thanks so much for adding the "Author's Note"! I can enjoy the poem without worrying about whether I should dial 911. :p Your poem expresses feelings just about everybody has when they're feeling kind of down. Unless they're completely insensitive.

Some of us do notice you, by the way. :-)

(And I see a lot of people on your MySpace friends list who seem to notice you.)

As for your technical problem, I'm sort of a newbie at HTML, but don't the "br" and "p" tags solve your problem?

Zachary Freier said...

:P The html thing: It's not a problem with spacing between the lines... It was the "me" at the end of the stanzas that's separated off to the right...blogspot was rendering it directly next to "notice" with a single space.

MySpace apparently had some trouble too, the first time around! It didn't show my stanza dividing lines.

As I said - fleeting feelings.

Rainier96 said...

Oh ok. Yeah, I like to separate sentences with two spaces instead of one, and blogspot insists on converting it to one. Everything looks squished together. There must be a tag that inserts a lot of spaces, but like I say I'm new to it.

Zachary Freier said...

I guess you could always use   (the html version of a single space) over and over. XD

Zachary Freier said...

Wow, it worked, that was &n-bsp (without the -)

Rainier96 said...

Hmm. It adds one space. I guess I could use it at the end of every sentence. Not exactly user friendly. lol

Rainier96 said...

What was God doing before he created the universe?

I suppose when "God" was just a kid, in some other plane of reality, he could have made our universe as a science fair project in sixth grade, failed to win a prize with it, and just tossed it into a corner of his closet -- where it's been ignored but still running ever since.

Not a reassuring philosophy, however.